Why 2020 is the year for an AI startup

We’re on the verge of something really big, which is AI. It is going to be the biggest change in human history, even more than electricity. Artificial intelligence is impacting the imminent future of virtually every industry, along with every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the primary driver of many renowned emerging technologies like Robotics, big data, and IoT, and it’ll continue to act as the front runner for all technological innovations for the foreseeable future.

Where it all started

AI seems like a new concept, but on the contrary, it has been around since 1956, when an MIT professor John McCarthy coined the term

According to McCarthy

“every aspect of knowledge or any feature of intelligence can, in principle, be so precisely defined that a simple machine can be made to simulate it.”

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence AI SEED is the replication of human intelligence processes by simple or complex machines, especially computer systems. AI is an interdisciplinary science with various approaches, but recent advancements in deep learning and machine are creating a paradigm shift in every sector of the tech industry. Specific applications of AI include natural language processing (NPL), expert systems, machine vision, and speech recognition.

Three main reasons why 2020 is the year for you to start an Artificial Intelligence startup

Advent of Digital Economy

The Digital Economy has reshaped our lives primarily due to the popularisation of smartphones, as they generate billions of data points that several companies are now turning into learnings. Thus, a huge amount of quality data is available to train models.

Increased computing power

Today the cost of running AI algorithms on servers has severely decreased. It has never been so inexpensive and easy to train mathematical models.

Quantum leaps in Deep learning

The world’s biggest tech companies, including the big 4, which includes Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have heavily invested in AI either by hiring world-class AI researchers or through acquisitions. And they’ve also published parts of their codes and research so everyone could use them.

AI is everywhere

We might not know it, but AI is present everywhere, when Netflix recommends us to watch another series, it does that through an algorithm which observes our preferences and advises us to watch something similar. This is just one of many examples where AI is at work

AI is evolving into intelligent assistants that help us work more efficiently. They are also used in drones to deliver the things we get on Amazon, and how can we not mention Tesla’s self-driving car that runs on the most advanced AI.

AI has come a long way in Speech recognition technology. It doesn’t matter how you talk, fast or slow, the AI will understand what you are saying, and you don’t need to learn specific voice commands, you can normally talk to the machine as if you’re talking to a friend and they’ll respond.

The future of AI

In all these years, we’ve just scratched the surface of what AI could do. Bots in the future will be able to do a lot more than today; they’ll wake you up in the morning, be your personal assistant or tutor, we’ll command them to wash the dishes and mowing. We would also instruct them to do other household chores like cooking and cleaning. But, this is doesn’t stop here; robots will be smart enough to know for themselves when the grass is getting too long, and when the dishes are overloaded and ready to wash, they’ll also know that which dishes need a hard scrubbing while china needs a gentle touch. Bots will become highly proactive, helping us in ways we can barely imagine today.

Where are you in all this?

All this is bound to happen, but the big question is, where are you? Are you on the bandwagon? Or at least aware of what’s happening and is likely to happen? Or are you already investing in it somehow? If there is any way, you could kick start an AI company that would make smart home appliances, a new voice bot, robot development platform or a checking company that offers to test out different AI bots from other companies then do it, and do it now!

The market is in need of such developments, and if you are planning to start one, then let us know as we’ll happy to help you in any and every way possible.

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