The 21st Century: Integrating Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Looking at AI through the lens of an entrepreneurial objective, rather than a technology provides us with a clear perspective. In this day and age of excessive consumption, where consumer trends are consistently shifting, it is of paramount importance for businesses to pace ahead or either stay on top of things, as otherwise, they run of risk of losing their market dominance and their consumer base.

By indulging in an AI investment, these businesses can create a breakthrough. Merely assimilating their marketing campaigns with artificial intelligence, can empower them to tap into insights otherwise impossible to reach. With the need and endeavour of enhancing user experience, businesses can delve into the intricate strands of the technology, leading them to yield favourable results.

A Widening Pool of Artificial Intelligence Ideas

This access to ingenious artificial intelligence ideas is, however, possible due to revolutionary ideas. These ideas, springing into reality, are initiated by start-ups having secured artificial intelligence investment. Due to the sole intention of creating immersive experiences, businesses can adopt various components of AI for planning, activating and measuring their marketing campaigns.

  • Harnessing The Use Of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI)

The advent of this technology promises promising results, as the business wields power to personalise the experience at every stage. The concept AEI, harnesses a varying range of emotions, behaviours and emotional data, to enable a business to polish their online marketing initiatives. With human emotions being at the very epicentre of prompting a purchasing decision, AEI empowers brands to capitalise upon this data. Using a consumer’s mood to drive sales, has become a reality in the 21st century, as through using smart devices, computers, and biosensors, marketers can accordingly shape their campaigns.

Leveraging real-time empathetic marketing, marketers start possessing the capacity to speed the conversion rate, as they gain an inroad into addressing the consumer with what resonates with them. Rather than spending on short-lived trends, AI empowers businesses to invest in behaviour, which while isn’t sustainable, however, is easily trackable.

  • Refined Content Strategy

When it comes to marketing, increased ROI, increased campaign performance and increased consumer data insight take centre stage. By understanding the behaviour and buying patterns of consumers on an individual basis, marketers can set the relevant steps into place for delivering the ideal content to the ideal consumer, pushing them to engage in a purchasing action. Through the use of big data, marketers can begin to tap into and analyse data that can impact each segment of their production process.

  • Consumer Retention

In the era of social media platforms and instantaneous results, consumers are habituated with instant results. Bridging the gap between the brand and the consumer becomes easy for a marketer, as placing bots, to respond to questions and solve queries, can empower a brand to build a dynamic that is relatively costly when using human labour.

  • Advertisements

By adopting AEI, marketers can influence their businesses to bring a shift in the value, essence and storytelling behind the advertisements they produce. Aligning themselves with the interest of the consumer, they can tweak elements, resulting in the advertisement connecting and resonating with a wider range of current and potential consumers. With the ability of AEI to impact product development to creative testing, businesses need to rise and align themselves with the technology of the current times.

  • Elimination Of Time-Consuming & Imprecise Evaluations

Due to the presence of human effort, imprecise results or gaps are an inevitability. At a sharp contrast, AEI provides marketers with an insight that is backed by analysation of huge volumes of data, resulting in insights that are precise, faster to obtain and applicable in real-time. By capitalising upon advanced machine learning algorithms, marketers can optimise their layout, their copywriting, and targeting, creating an experience where each element is fine-tuned according to the consumer’s behavioural pattern.

Marketers consistently work toward building customer trust and understanding consumer behaviour. That said, it is important to understand how AEI only showcases its efficacy if complemented with the adequate interpretation of the data. For building a culture of artificial intelligence and for promoting the usage of AI to push forward the human race, several initiatives are rising to the forefront, such as an AI SEED company financing tech start-ups in their nascent stages, to create clutter-breaking ideas.



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