What Is The True Future That Awaits Us If We Invest In AI?

For years the idea of AI (artificial intelligence) needed creative and catchy scientific theory interpretations in order to grab attention of the general public. Hollywood and sci-fi also played a notable role in it by coming up with different wonderful characters like “Data” featured in Star Trek. It is somewhat true that artificial intelligence in its diverse intriguing forms primarily restricted to the world of flicks and entertainment till only recently.

Because of some incredible artificial intelligence startups and increased availability of AI investment, very capable AI technology has finally started to cement its place in the routine lives. With every single passing year, models of AI are increasingly getting sophisticated and offering more utility to people who belong to different fields. Definitely, they do not appear to be fully function cyborgs as yet. But many of them are surely the seeds from which a lot more advanced and superior technology will evolve ultimately.

Even though hundreds of budding companies and startups that are primarily based on AI are trying to make their way to the mainstream global business arena, a lot of them could not succeed because of the lack of finance. If such ventures get the adequate amount of artificial intelligence investment, following are some exhilarating advancements you could expect in the near future.

Better Decisions

These days, a lot of midsized to giant corporate firms make their decisions by largely relying upon the information and data that is collected by their information system. Merging these decision making management systems with artificial intelligence technologies will take the accuracy of decisions to the next level. The proficiencies of artificial intelligence can also assist management decision systems when interpreting the data of customers into predictive models of different major trends. A wide range of demographic factors can be employed to accomplish this with the help of AI.

Prospect of Revolutionized Methods of Programming

Decent AI investment can introduce humanity to an absolutely new world in which you might be able to carry out those things you never dreamt of doing before. Artificial intelligence essentially serves and connects us as a unique transition between various discrete actions. It does mean that AI allows us to participate in multiple activities simultaneously, for instance instantaneously translating code into different other languages. The incorporation of AI with current technology can truly revolutionize the way computer programming is done these days.

Interacting with Computers and Machines in New Ways

Artificial intelligence unearths unbelievable horizons of the interface approaches that too with the minimal effort. With the arrival of keyboards, mouse and other peripheral devices, we have been utilizing computer systems in a more convenient and progressive way. In order to communicate digitally, we developed and learned coding and programming languages to achieve exclusive results. Artificial intelligence can help in simplifying these codes and interpreting input with the help of sensors and cameras.

In the future, instead of writing a line of code, you will be able to give commands to the computer systems with the help of human gestures. It is safe to say that this tremendous approach will pave a road to the mindboggling utility of robots in daily lives. However, to get to this level a great deal of artificial intelligence investment will be required.

More Precise Predictions

Predictions are not merely restricted to the games of chance like roulette. As a matter of fact, scientific and statistical predictions are employed in an extensive range of fields, including diagnosing various diseases, checking and forecasting the weather patterns, and many more.

Artificial intelligence offers a plethora of more variables and assists in processing all of them through a programmatic approach that is considerably simpler and gives higher level of accuracy and confidence. In other words, AI has the competence to maximize the utility of data which is already available.

Affects on Fintech

The infusion of finance and technology has given birth to a field that is now widely known as fintech. However, the utilization of technology in finance can be fostered even further with the introduction of artificial intelligence. AI has an inherent competence to collect and process insanely huge volumes of data, which is simply perfect for the transformation of a sector like finance. AI can enable investors in analyzing colossal amounts of fiscal data to make various predictive decisions especially in the areas like stock market.

The Ultimate Photoshop Solution

For some people editing their pictures is quite a big deal, and artificial intelligence can come off as a huge help in this regard. In the future, with the right AI investment it might be possible to develop those programs that can automatically edit pictures or videos the moment they are captured. The emergence of this technology in its completely advanced form can totally transform the whole photography industry. Professional editing tools like Photoshop will relegate overnight as well.

What Are The Top 5 Challenges Faced By The AI-Startups?

While artificial intelligence is managing to penetrate diverse industries and sectors by attracting AI investment, including financial services, education, healthcare, e-commerce and many more, this advanced field is facing quite a few serious challenges. Artificial intelligence is suddenly just about everywhere and there is hardly any industry that has not felt the effects of hype created by it.

However, with all the excitement about artificial intelligence and new ventures that are pushing their ideas around it, there is an apparent difficulty in evaluating and comprehending the prospects, dearth of entrepreneurial know-how, shortage of solid talent, and even in some cases there’s criminal deficiency of substance.

There is no doubt about this fact that some AI startups are doing incredibly well and successfully transforming their ideas into reality. However, the focus of this post is to identify those challenges that are impeding the growth and success of budding AI startups.

1. Computing Isn’t Adequately Advanced

Deep learning and machine learning are some of the top and most effective artificial intelligence techniques. They need a consistent series of complicated calculations that are made rather swiftly (in nanoseconds or microseconds). This shows that these techniques of artificial intelligence make use of a tremendous amount of processing power.

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of discussion amongst experts for quite a few years now. One thing that keeps on coming out of these highly technical talks is the absence of adequate amount of power that is required to optimally execute these artificial intelligence techniques.

Plus, if at some place such advanced technologies are available which can effectively accommodate deep learning and machine learning, they happen to be extremely expensive. Startups find it difficult to draw artificial intelligence investment of that level.

In addition to it, systems that allow parallel processing and cloud computing have created some hope to execute these AI techniques for short periods of time. However, once the volumes of data go up, cloud computing no longer works as a dependable solution.

2. Low Actual Implementation of AI

Artificial intelligence is apparently getting a lot attention, but the problem is there are mot many AI based solid use-cases that are available in the marketplace. It does not really matter how popular the idea of artificial intelligence is becoming. Without proper application of artificial intelligence that can truly serve businesses in different ways, AI startups will keep on struggling to convince corporations to invest a considerable amount of money in their projects.

In addition to it, there aren’t so many experts who have the skill to make corporations comprehend how AI can play an integral role in radically increasing their productivity. To resolve this problem, it is crucial for the AI startups to resolve apparent problems of businesses with unprecedented levels of precision and accuracy.

3. Lack of Provability

AI startups that are working on diverse range of products and solutions fail to coherently demonstrate their vision as well as exactly what they aim to accomplish by making the most out of their artificial intelligence techniques. AI is still a pretty new concept, and the potential users of this technology have their doubts regarding how it takes various decisions, plus whether the decisions made by it are reliable or not.

In order to clear this fog of confusion, AI startups have to come up with those algorithms that are transparent, provable and explicable. The main goal of AI startups should be to convince business corporations that their artificial intelligence solutions are consistent and reliable. That is the only way to get AI investment.

4. Algorithm Biases

A substantial issue with artificial intelligence systems is that the efficiency and dependability of these solutions is based on the data which they process. Usually bad data is associated with racial, gender, communal or ethnic biases. Some proprietary AI algorithms are utilized to find different things, such as loan defaulters, granted bails etc.

In case, an AI startup develops and deploys an algorithm in which some sort of bias is hidden and this algorithm is utilized by organizations to makes critical decisions. Under these circumstances, it highly likely that such algorithm will generate outcomes which are unfair and unethical. It is the responsibility of AI startups to make sure that their algorithms and solutions are bias-free.

5. Data Security and Privacy

Most of the AI based applications make use of huge data volumes in order to make smart decisions and constantly keep on learning. Machine learning programs rely on data that is usually sensitive. Because of the colossal quantities of data sometimes it becomes hard for AI startups to ensure its protection and integrity.

Loopholes in data security and privacy can make organizations as well as individual customers feel uncomfortable about the AI solutions offered to them. It can lead to demonstration of reluctancy by business organizations to integrate the AI technology into their current systems, due to which AI startups can lose artificial intelligence investment.

Key Questions to Ask Before Investing in AI Startups

For any non-technical investor, the term Artificial Intelligence or AI can either be a celebration or gloom. Celebration in a way because adding a few AI startups to their investment portfolio establishes their deal flow smoothness as justified in the eyes of their lending partners. Gloomy in the sense that almost every startup uses the same terms and prospects to increase their value. The artificial intelligence seed investment is more than just an exchange of money; they need to mentor the entrepreneurs, make introductions, and do anything to make their portfolio company a success. This makes money and technical knowledge about the industry essential for the successful investment procedure. But before you reach an agreement with any startup, meet the team doing the work and speak with them. Ask them some questions to get a vibe for how they conduct their operations.

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Top Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2020

Artificial intelligence today has taken the world by storm and this technological marvel has integrated itself as an essential part for almost every machine and application.  Each year there is a new trend present that sets itself as a benchmark for the following year. AI startups today are not only working to incorporate into various forms of technology but also making a breakthrough in the fields of health, agriculture, automobile and architecture.

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Reimagining An AI-integrated World – Human + Machine

Before delving into the idea of world that features an intricate blend of machine and human beings due to blessings of artificial AI investment, it is imperative to know what artificial intelligence really is. AI is a general and broad terminology that was reportedly coined in the mid 1950s. Artificial intelligence is referred to virtually any kind of computer program that is capable of engaging in activities which are humanlike, such as problem solving, planning and learning. These are software and machines with the competence to learn things from experience.

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73% Of Games Bosses To Boost AI Investment

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is so important to the games industry, the majority of decision makers in the sector are planning to increase their investment in AI in 2020.

According to a recent survey by content production studio Virtuos, 73 per cent of major players in the games industry stated they are planning to prioritise AI when it comes to new technologies they will invest in next year.

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AI Will Lead To ‘More Experimentation From Businesses’

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a few years, but some people are still apprehensive about the technology.

However, this could simply be down to a lack of understanding and knowledge about it, and being unaware of how to implement it into their own business strategy, whether by directly using the equipment or investing in artificial intelligence for future financial gains.

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More Small Businesses Want To Embrace AI

AI is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. It’s behind a whole range of services that most of us use on a regular basis. And there’s a growing range of AI technology that is affordable, making it accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In a recent article, Destination CRM pointed to research from Salesforce showing that a growing number of SMEs intend to start using AI in the not-too-distant future. The survey found that although just eight per cent of SMEs currently use AI, 32 per cent have plans to introduce it.

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What Is The Unicorn Visa & Could Startups Benefit?

Starting a company is hard work, there is no denying this. And with Brexit just a few short weeks away, it’s likely to become even more difficult to launch a brand and attract the very top talent in your field if you already know that said talent is likely to be found from overseas.

Much talk has been going on in the press of late about unicorn visas, where applications could be fast-tracked to help new companies bring in foreign talent to aid them with their expansion plans, where applicable.

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