Key Questions to Ask Before Investing in AI Startups

For any non-technical investor, the term Artificial Intelligence or AI can either be a celebration or gloom. Celebration in a way because adding a few AI startups to their investment portfolio establishes their deal flow smoothness as justified in the eyes of their lending partners. Gloomy in the sense that almost every startup uses the same terms and prospects to increase their value. The artificial intelligence seed investment is more than just an exchange of money; they need to mentor the entrepreneurs, make introductions, and do anything to make their portfolio company a success. This makes money and technical knowledge about the industry essential for the successful investment procedure. But before you reach an agreement with any startup, meet the team doing the work and speak with them. Ask them some questions to get a vibe for how they conduct their operations.

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Top Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2020

Artificial intelligence today has taken the world by storm and this technological marvel has integrated itself as an essential part for almost every machine and application.  Each year there is a new trend present that sets itself as a benchmark for the following year. AI startups today are not only working to incorporate into various forms of technology but also making a breakthrough in the fields of health, agriculture, automobile and architecture.

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Reimagining An AI-integrated World – Human + Machine

Before delving into the idea of world that features an intricate blend of machine and human beings due to blessings of artificial AI investment, it is imperative to know what artificial intelligence really is. AI is a general and broad terminology that was reportedly coined in the mid 1950s. Artificial intelligence is referred to virtually any kind of computer program that is capable of engaging in activities which are humanlike, such as problem solving, planning and learning. These are software and machines with the competence to learn things from experience.

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