Bringing the right talent to the table

Every successful startup requires the proper blend of different talents. Similarly, every AI startup demands more science-focused and attentive partners and experts, who can enjoy working out your complex models with exceptional math and problem-solving skills. At AI Seed we offer you Robotics, Physics, cognitive, or computer science PhDs who are dedicated to the subject of machine learning.

& Powered by experienced and driven teams

AI Seed aims to evolve with every phase of your product development by interacting with multiple commercial partners and customers regarding the acceptance and adaptability of the product. These frequent interactions help us in further refining our product, thereby generating a more advanced, universally acceptable solution.

It is important to have a firm understanding of your own artificial intelligence startup and the tech-scene if you want to build products with researched knowledge. We keep your potential customers involved throughout the process in order to understand their needs and problems and to use the data effectively.

Despite brilliant ideas, people often fail to build real products; we at AI Seed pledge to minimise this effect and double the success chances in integration.


AI Seed 6

Michael Axelgaard
General Partner

AI Seed 9

Nick Slater
Investment Manager

AI Seed 8

Thomas Stone
General Partner

AI Seed 7

Nare Vardanyan
Entrepreneur in residence


John Spindler
General Partner

AI Seed 6

Mumuksha Singh
Legal Counsel