Real innovation

Every AI product is an innovation in itself, but we majorly focus on the ones that are unique and potentially contribute to the modernisation of the world and its economy.

Tech connectivity

What’s AI if it involves isolation? We are the proud carriers of every AI-powered company that aims at leading success to several benefits in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, globalisation, and more.


Useful solution

We support companies and startups that suggest and develop useful AI solutions that even the mainstream public can understand and adapt. Our main focus is on projects that build something with the core value that comes from a set of functions native to AI and cannot be attained in its absence.

Attentive founders

At AI Seed, our artificial intelligence investment model is attracted to the companies and startups with founders who are futuristic and attentive to industry happenings and are quick to familiarise their businesses based on new developments in the current situations.

Just as with any investment project, we start our AI journey with you by identifying the outcomes you hope to create. AI and Machine learning is a vast area of experimentation and success; we make sure our goals are aligned with your company’s objectives.


AI Seed 6

Michael Axelgaard
General Partner

AI Seed 9

Nick Slater
Investment Manager

AI Seed 8

Thomas Stone
General Partner

AI Seed 7

Nare Vardanyan
Entrepreneur in residence


John Spindler
General Partner

AI Seed 6

Mumuksha Singh
Legal Counsel