Artificial Intelligence: Impacting Our Lives

The growth potential of artificial intelligence is limitless, as it possesses the capacity to converge, transform and innovate lives around the world. Being a seamless blend of human intelligence and machine learning, AI has permeated itself into our daily lives, be in through our phones, in our homes or through the entrepreneurial ventures we run. Implemented with appropriate strategic planning, AI holds power to push not just small-businesses, but tech-giants to the forefront.

Through harnessing this ingenious technology, businesses can make their processes more efficient and more effective, resulting in a tailored experience for their consumers. With it taking the entrepreneurial realm by storm, AI has tactfully found its way into our day-to-day necessities, as an increasingly escalating proportion of the global population relies on the assistance it provides. Be it through our social media feed, the availability of autonomous cars, the usage of music streaming services, or be it the video games we play, AI has engulfed us into its cocoon.

Artificial Intelligence in the Entrepreneurial Ambit

Due to it being a relativity new form of technology, most individuals are unaware of its potential. In essence, it is a disruptive technology, which propels businesses and entrepreneurs alike, to experiment and step out of their comfort zone. Being unaware of how to implement the technology, most companies shy away from harnessing its usage, while, at a sharp contrast, an artificial intelligence driven company paces ahead with the experiences it offers, the products it creates and the services it tailors.

The technology demands companies to not just adopt it, but necessitates an entrepreneur to bring a shift in their culture, as the very core of the technology empowers businesses to push boundaries. With technology becoming affordable, it becomes more accessible to small-sized businesses, leading them to translate their tech ideas into a perceivable reality. Artificial intelligence aims to provide better solutions, as it is a malleable technology, learning and shaping itself the way it is required, leading the human race to gain insights that are otherwise impossible to tap into.

Artificial Intelligence in Our Personal Spheres

With the technology making inroads and creating breakthroughs in the automobile, architectural, health and educational sector, it only makes sense for it to trickle into our personal spheres. In the 21st century, major tech companies aren’t just contributing through researching, but they and venture capitalists are funding start-ups with capital, to make an impact and push forward ideas that disrupt the industry. This funding has trickled into our lives, as through the advent of the technology, our lives have become faster, easier and more automated, impregnating a culture of tech-dependency within us.

While the technology may seem intrusive, it can prove to be helpful for individuals with physical disabilities, for expediting important processes and for researching industries that engage in life-saving procedures, e.g. medical sector.

By analysing our actions, AI can predict our future in infinite possibilities, leading us to receive curated media playlists, personalised responses and customised shopping lists. Due to its degree of saturation, we communicate with our family members and colleagues using the technology, we use facial recognition to unlock our phones or use our virtual personal assistants, e.g. Alexa or Siri to go about our daily routine simply. While at a surface level, the intention of an AI company might seem invasive and threatening. Yet, AI leads the human race to a future where harnessing the intelligence of the human mind, in collaboration with technology, we drive conversations, drive experiences and drive lives to their utmost potential.

Nurturing the Future with Artificial Intelligence

By pairing together the right access, the right talent pool and the right ideas, AI has brought a paradigm shift to our lives. Fuelling this progression and expediting the speed, precision and effectiveness of processes, AI Seed, invests in start-up businesses that spearhead the initiative of developing machine learning and artificial intelligence. This pushes start-ups to rise to the challenge and put their innovative skills to test.

Artificial intelligence has attained itself this spotlight, as rather than completely taking over, it simply improves the capabilities and features of the applications, appliances or products we presently utilise. This amplifies its value, as it enriches an experience, with its strand of ingeniousness and sheer cognisance of the human mind.

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