AI fund – the foundation of an innovative world

While many firms are stepping into the seed funding in the field of AI, they lack attention and expertise. AI Seed has a futuristic approach that provides you with better exposure to this fast-growing market.


AI Seed‘s focus is AI tech startups who can appropriately leverage the application of AI fundamentals and tools in a practical business platform to generate fast forward and uncommon results. We at AI Seed, also encourage the core AI technologies on a selective basis.



The principals of AI Seed for artificial intelligence funding bring extensive experiences in various disciplines that allow for an expansive view of potential investments from a business case and technology point of view.


Our team has professional expertise for deal strategizing, deal structuring, and proper progression through all venture rounds. We also assist in acquiring executives from the technology industry and management consultants to help you accelerate your growth. AI Seed is not just about AI funding; our team also connects you with many commercial partners and customers who believe in using all layers of the technology stack.

We see the future of AI dependent on the investment and support from people like us, who have faith in innovating and are not scared by the thorny challenges hindering the way to success.


AI Seed 6

Michael Axelgaard
General Partner

AI Seed 9

Nick Slater
Investment Manager

AI Seed 8

Thomas Stone
General Partner

AI Seed 7

Nare Vardanyan
Entrepreneur in residence


John Spindler
General Partner

AI Seed 6

Mumuksha Singh
Legal Counsel