5 Key Reasons for Investors to Fund Artificial Intelligence

Tech trends always receive much hype for better or for worse. The reason behind such promotion is because whenever an unveiling of new technology happens, it brings many promises for true transformational effects. However, some of these much-hyped tech innovations also fail to live up to their promise, leaving the investors skeptical over the buzz of the next big thing.

Although, when it comes to artificial intelligence funding, investors need to take the hype much more seriously. AI-powered tech is already around us and almost every industry ranging from automotive to tech giants to data security companies has integrated the technology to boost their business. If you are still hesitant about the investment based on the growth potential of artificial intelligence in the long-term, consider your AI seed funding decision based on these 5 industry based reasons.

  1. Forecast to Hit Trillions till 2030

The most important reason that attracts new investors for potential AI funding is the estimation that the industry will inject $15 trillion to the global economy until 2030. This is almost a decade from now, but the main question that arises is what it means exactly?

The analysis made for the forecast states that AI will enable the companies to become more efficient and allow them to increase their production across a wide range of sectors that include healthcare, retail, communication, financial services, automotive, energy, transportation, and manufacturing. The cost savings from implementing AI over older systems and generating revenue from new services and hardware underlay a potential for the massive AI seed funding in the coming years.

  1. Great Benefit for AI Chipmakers

Another important reason for potential artificial intelligence investors is the benefit semiconductor manufacturers have gained due to growth in AI innovations. The AI chip market expects to reach up to $19 billion in the coming years. The chief winner among these id NVIDIA, a company whose GPU’s are in use by several tech giants and companies to increase their server’s ability to process images and speech information quickly. The pharmaceutical sector has integrated its computing powers to find a cure for diseases. NVIDIA has started to develop systems to handle the complex data processing required by the automotive industry. The company management believes they will reach a benchmark of $50 billion by 2023. This success story of NVIDIA is a reason alone for investors to consider AI funding now.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Essential for Autonomous Vehicles

Due to a rapid increase in the development and innovation of AI-related prospects, the technology itself has become an integral part of the autonomous vehicle idea. The idea thought of as a fictional dream has become a reality now, thanks to the advancements in AI-based innovations. The introduction of self-driving vehicles has used the AI technology of Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo which was the first company to launch the first self-driving car last year. The company plans to put their artificial intelligence funding to expand their services and test ways to use autonomous vehicles for freight services before ultimately licensing it to other companies

A prediction made for 2040 states that almost 16% of the vehicles sold manually will be autonomous, which is why everyone from chip manufacturers to ride-sharing companies opts to develop this tech.

  1. Improvement in Data Sorting

AI seed funding is not just about churning out cool new gadgets but also to improve the already existing systems. In the case of data sorting, AI can improve the techniques that will make sharing and protection of data much easier. Data-driven companies use sorting techniques combined with machine learning to get a deeper insight into the customers. This allows them to gain valuable information from the pile of raw data that they produce. With companies collecting and creating a larger amount of data, such tools of AI will become more important in the future.

  1. Boost in Cloud Computing Market

Cloud computing services from some of the leading tech giants in the world have started to integrate AI-based technologies to make their services even smoother. Big names like Amazon that holds 32% of the cloud computing market has used machine learning and AI systems to host their cloud-based products. This prospect makes another reason for the investors to place their AI fund in the long run. Companies in the future will integrate AI systems for almost all of their internal and external operations.


The artificial intelligence market is here and is on the verge of constant growth. Forward-looking investors have the best chance to invest their AI seed funding, just like all the big companies have done. Over the next few years, more companies will adopt AI technologies to transform their industry and they are tapping the technology to keep up with their competitors.

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